10 of the Most Ridiculous Pieces of Technology Available

Technology has made some wonderful advances and makes almost every aspect of our lives better. But in some circumstances, ridiculous doesn’t begin to describe it. Here are 10 of the most ridiculous pieces of technology.

1. USB Computer Mouse With Digital Scale.
 What would someone be measuring that would fit on a computer mouse, and why? With a price tag of almost $50, apparently there is some sort of market for these.

2. CTA Digital 2-in-1 iPotty. Its bad enough that husbands take their iPad into the bathroom, lets not train the toddlers to do so as well. What happened to reading Everyone Poops? Or eating M&Ms;?

3. The E-Go Cruiser By Yuneec Technology. This electronic skateboard eliminates the need for that pesky foot maneuvering. Simply climb aboard and let the technology do the rest! The ultimate in lazy skateboarding.

4. Digi Scents iSmell. Reading an email about apple pie? Smell it in real time! This device plugs into your USB port and contains a cartridge with 128 scents which can be combined into countless odors. Surprisingly, this product never took off and found a market.

5. Solafeet Foot Tanner. Targeted towards athletes who rock sock tans, this is a small tanning device just for your feet. The infomercial boasts that it is the “only at home tanning bed for your feet!” So if your pale feet are causing you problems, you can tan your feet while you type with Solafeet!

6. Phonesoap. This is a sanitzer for your cell phone. You plug it into a USB port and it uses UV-C rays to disinfect the phone while it charges. As opposed to wiping it off with a Clorox wipe.

7. Airscarf. If you have the money to plunk down for a Mercedes, you can ensure that you never have a cold neck again. Airscarf is a small heater built into the seats of the cars that blows warm air onto your neck. Don’t go all crazy and just put a scarf on!

8. Electronic Fork. Electronic forks measure how fast you eat, how long in between bites, and how many bites you take. The claim is that this will somehow lead to portion control.

9. Haier Eye Controlled TV. When pushing the button on the remote is too strenuous, this Haier TV will read your eye movements to control the television.

10. The Useless Box. What does this box do? It turns off and on. For the low price of $39.99 you too can turn this box off and on.