Common Health Risks Found in Men Over 40

Whether you’re a new arrival, or a long-time resident, your 40s are here. Now that we’ve arrived, looking back, a lot has certainly changed, though there’s one thing that will almost always remain the same throughout your 40s, and that is your body’s willingness and ability to fight-off the most common ailments that affect men in their 40s and beyond.

Our choice of lifestyle can contribute substantially to the health of men even over 40. By exercising and choosing to the proper diet, your overall healthy habits can make a vast difference in your body well past 40.

With that being said, here, are the three most common health issues, faced by men in their 40’s.

High Blood Pressure 
Long known as the “silent killer,” High blood pressure is a common and serious problem in men over 40. Symptoms may not appear until too late. Have your blood pressure checked regularly and know the meaning of your numbers. Maintaining a healthy diet and with proper exercise, can keep those dangerously high numbers down within normal levels.

High Cholesterol 
High cholesterol behaves a lot like high blood pressure in that both disorders can often be symptomless. Though it has the potential …

Soy Nuts: The Perfect Healthy Snack for a Person with Peanut Allergies

I always try to watch what I eat, but most diet plans tell you that nuts, in moderation, are excellent for snacks. If you are allergic to tree nuts, this ruins most diets. However, I recently discovered soy nuts. They are fantastic! They have the same salty, crunchy appeal as tree nuts, but without the allergic reaction.

Soy nuts are high in fiber and loaded with protein and omega fatty acids. This makes them perfect for repairing muscle after a workout and staying full between meals.


GeniSoy has a few varieties. My local health food store carries salted, unsalted, and chocolate dipped. One serving of the salted (3/4 cup) will last me as a morning and afternoon snack. The chocolate dipped are not quite as healthy, but still a great alternative for getting sweet and salty in one.

To help keep me from eating the whole bag, I take them home and premeasured my own individual servings. If you separate the chocolate dipped into half servings, they still make a great 100 calorie snack!

Sensible Foods

Sensible foods takes all the work out of measuring servings. They offer a variety of snacks all bagged in individual or double serving …

Technology, Kids and the Evolution of the Conversation

Within one day of reading last Sunday’s New York Times editorial on how technology is creating a disconnected society void of conversation, a friend of mine told me she is buying her third grader a cell phone for his birthday. I also keep hearing that the cool kids in my son’s class are constantly on their iPads or iPods using phone apps and texting apps and Face Time. So in the world of third graders, my son is actually missing out on the conversation. And because he does not have his own phone or iPod or iPad, there is actually a new, very real and physical barrier to being cool.

Now, I am not the kind of mother who makes choices to try to get my sons in the cool crowd. The conversations are not necessarily ones I want him to be in on yet. I think third grade is too young to own things that cost that much, have unlimited access to friends, or have so much of their conversational life unsupervised.

But at the same time, those if us who are writing in the New York Times, conducting studies on how computers and video affect …

Thrift Shopping for the Stay at Home Mom

Thrift shopping is a great way for stay at home moms to find great bargain items to add to the wardrobe without going over your set budget limit. Also just because we spend alot of time with our kids doesn’t mean we don’t care about the latest fashion trends we realize that in these hard times we need to save money to take care of our family for whatever reason. So here are some of my thrift shopping tips found below.

1. Ask yourself if you like to go shopping for great bargains on clothes at a thrift shop. The reason why you should ask yourself this question is because thrift stores tend to require alot of time searching through racks and bins. You should always keep in mind that you may not always find your size or something that you like and find yourself leaving the thrift store empty handed.

2. Try to decide the right time for you to go. It is best to spend at least an hour hunting for bargains since you will have alot of ground to cover. Also you never know you could of skipped a ton of name brand items in your size …

No News is Not News

I’m not deaf and I’m not blind,
I see and hear the news,
But the things I see and hear
Are only commentators views.

I want to know the real truth 
Of why our soldiers die. 
We’re told that they’re protecting us. 
Let’s hear the battle cry.

Let’s hear what we’re protected from, 
And what good is being done. 
Or let’s just bring our soldiers home 
And look out for number one.

If we’re protecting interests 
In the oil fields abroad, 
So we can buy our oil there, 
Let’s give up on that fraud.

Let’s use our own oil deposits, 
Right here on our own ground, 
And bring our soldiers home again. 
I think that reasoning’s sound.

By Don Rothra…

Check the Boston Newspapers, Radio and TV for the Best Local Patriots Coverage

For upcoming NFL coverage as the New England Patriots approach possibly yet another Superbowl, turn to the Boston media. Two major newspapers, TV stations, radio with non-stop sports coverage – all will be reporting the latest news from the team and their potential adversaries. Here’s a selection: is the home of the Boston Globe, in recent years an outpost of the New York Times. They have solid coverage of sports including top columnists.

Boston Herald is more of a “people’s paper” in Boston, and may have some inside scoops, definitely more coverage to chew on at break time at work.

WHDH-TV is one of the “big three” stations in Boston, channels 4, 5 and 7. Look for typical major media coverage with local insight.

WBZ Newsradio 1030 is a long-time favorite in the Boston area, your grandfather’s station but still up to date. Talk shows will be especially interesting, but coverage should be good and frequent. WBZ is listened to by many commuters for their drive-time traffic reports, so they should keep you up to date. Boston traffic is almost worth listening to by itself!

WEEI 850 AM Sports radio is real sports radio, for those who can’t get …

Safety Network News

Safety Network News The producers,writers and host of have contracted us to hold weekly blogs. We’ll be taking questions and posting answers from readers in regards to occupational safety, OSHA regulations. We will also cover personal safety, child safety. Be sure to visit and post a question. Hosting is done via the internet on a live video feed with instant messaging questions from our viewers. will bee offering for the very first time a online live 10 hr OSHA outreach training with actual cards mailed to passing viewers.

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Healthy Sweet Potato Fries

We all are looking for ways these days to eat healthier food, but to have it taste great also. Who doesn’t love fries, but we all know the French Fries aren’t very healthy for you. These taste great and are healthy for you. So here is a recipe that is healthy and great tasting.

Take your sweet potatoes and wash the outsides. Then peel them. Cut the potato in half the long way. Then take that half and cut in half again. Then further cut into strips to form little sticks. Take a non stick baking sheet and place your cut fries on the sheet. Next drizzle them with olive oil and mix thoroughly with your hands. Make sure all the potato sticks are covered with olive oil.

Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Check often so your brown sugar doesn’t burn. When you take them out, let them sit for a few minutes and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Then ENJOY!…