Easy Ways to Improve Your Health in 2020

Four Simple Resolutions that You Will Actually Stick With

Many of us resolve to get healthier in the New Year. However, aiming to go from couch potato to Ironman in a year is unrealistic and potentially dangerous. Most of us will quit before February 1st even arrives. So, here are a few small lifestyle changes we can easily stick with for a healthier 2020.

10 of Anything, 2 Times a Day

Pushups, sit-ups, squats, jumping jacks, toe touches: pick an exercise that will get the blood flowing. It may not seem like much, but brief bursts of exercise can be beneficial. None of these require any special equipment. All are scalable. For instance, if you cannot do 10 full pushups, you can start by doing them on your knees. Another option is to start with 5 and build to 10 or more.

Carry a Water Bottle

Numerous studies indicate that Americans are dehydrated. Drinking water has countless benefits. It is associated with increased energy, fewer headaches, and reduced risk of kidney stones. When substituted for high-calorie beverages, such as soda or juice, drinking water can lead to weight loss. And, since it is free, drinking water throughout the day may …

The Ultimate Guide to Season One of NewsRadio

NewsRadio is a sitcom dealing with daily life at New York radio station WNYX. The show was created by Paul Simms and stars Dave Foley (as news director Dave Nelson), Stephen Root (eccentric station owner Jimmy James), Phil Hartman (pompous anchor Bill McNeal), Maura Tierney (overachiever Lisa Miller), Andy Dick (inept reporter Matthew Brock), Khandi Alexander (anchor/Bill’s rival Catherine Duke), Vicki Lewis (Dave’s confidante and secretary Beth), and Joe Rogan (electrician Joe Garrelli). Here is a guide to NewsRadio’s wonderful first season, which included seven episodes and began airing in March of 1995.

“Pilot”: When Dave moves from Wisconsin to be the news director at WNYX in New York, he is surprised to learn that his first task will be firing his predecessor, Ed Harlow (Kurt Fuller). Lisa is even more surprised since she was sure that the news director job was hers. Jimmy tells everyone that Dave is the new sports guy, then leaves to buy a chain of sporting goods stores. Bill is annoyed that Ed assigned Catherine an interview with Al Gore. Dave is delighted when Ed quits his job, only to find out that Ed quits a few times a week. Matthew is overjoyed to find …

Keeping Up with the Times: The News, You, and Your Money

It’s no small secret that the world is in an economic crisis, but this isn’t the main thought on people’s minds. The number one thought people are having is: How is this going to affect me? When the everyone in the world is out to get their own piece of the pie how do you know who is trying to help you and who is scamming you and extorting all the money they can?

The easiest way to try to understand what’s happening and how it will affect you is to keep up with local, National, and world-wide news. Don’t fall in to the victimizing trap many people do, in thinking that everything you see or hear will affect you. If your watching or reading a story about the American car industry starting to fail and the repercussions it will have, and you work in the food service industry, simply think about that one. Most things that you see in the news will not affect you in a direct manner, but it will help you to understand what is about to happen, and prepare for what will affect you in the near future.

If you don’t fully understand what is …