A Southwestern Home Décor Bathroom

Creating the warm inviting glow of a Southwestern home décor bathroom is a great way to makeover your existing bathroom into a luxurious retreat. A Southwestern home décor bathroom incorporates a few key elements that make it distinctly Southwestern. Color is the main aspect of Southwestern décor that will truly make your bathroom unique and beautiful. Fabulous textures continue the warm rustic feel that is associated with a Southwestern décor theme in your home. Rustic hardware is the finishing touch your home bathroom.

Painting your walls or even your furniture is the first step to creating a Southwestern home décor bathroom. Southwestern colors are warm blues, greens, seinnas, sands, sunny yellows, and well any earthy warm color you might find in nature. Cactus green is a great Southwestern home décor color to use in your bathroom. Painting the walls is just the first step in adding paint to your Southwestern home décor bathroom. Ground your Southwestern wall colors by painting any furniture in the bathroom as well. Think rustic. You can apply your Southwestern paint colors to your surface using a regular three inch paint brush. The streaky painted on surface is perfect for a Southwestern décor. If you have …

News Flash: Have You Noticed that Life is Not Always About You?

I seem to learn a lot of life’s lessons from people I see or meet at the local gym of which I am a member. My purpose is to go there, work out and be on with the next chapter of my day. This particular day was no exception.

But wait!! Is someone calling my name? Yes, I can hear it clearly now. It’s Sarah over there going through her own routine. As I approach her we exchange polite pleasantries. Usually she has an upbeat persona about herself. Something isn’t quite right. A few moments elapsed in silence as I proceeded to continue my work out. The piece of equipment I was going to use was right next to her.

Sarah then told me of the passing of her older brother a few days earlier. Now I understood why her normal greeting was not as perky. She began sharing the details leading to his death. She wanted me to know because she said we were sisters in Christ of which I gave a resounding Amen.

After she shared this with me, I felt compelled to share with her of my older brother who had died many years ago. It was …

Smarter Green Home Ideas to Recycle Wasted Energy

Our homes, green or not, waste a lot of energy. As I read articles and product reviews, I have noticed that many of the biggest energy wasters and some of the simplest solutions have yet to be discussed. I will attempt to point out these issues and provide easy solutions.

Let’s start with the clothes dryer. Many of us believe that the microwave in our home is the biggest energy puller or maybe the HVAC. In fact, our electric clothes dryer draws 9kW per cycle! If we live in an apartment, it is probably much more because we seem to have to run them longer or for more than one cycle to get the job done. This is because the long exhaust vents from the dryer to the outside is packed with who knows how many years of lint. Every bit of lent clogs the line and makes it harder for the dryer to vent the moist, hot air. Let’s think about that for a moment. We are heating air just to vent it outside – that’s wasted energy. Now, of course, it has to go somewhere or the clothes won’t dry. Why not use that already hot air …