Translation Technology Donated by IBM to Help Troops in Iraq

Regardless of your personal opinion in reference to the war in Iraq, you will probably agree that any help is valuable that can save the lives of the troops and staff that are involved in the brutal conflict. So many folks are stepping up to do what they can to help assist the U.S. Troops and other people located in the war-torn area. Even big businesses are doing their part. IBM has recently decided to donate 1,000 automatic translating devices for use in Iraq. The company has also graciously offered 10,000 copies of speech-translating software for use by the troops and staff in the Middle East.

Many people are unaware of the great need for translators in Iraq. Soldiers, staff, and family members are concerned about the lack of understanding between Arabic speakers and English speaking people. Human translators are playing an integral part right now in the middle East. Currently, there are not enough human translators available to meet the needs of the people. The translating devices and software are expected to assist human translators. With this technology available, a better understanding can be reached between individuals speaking in different languages.

The automatic translating devices are capable of recognizing …