A Southwestern Home Décor Bathroom

Creating the warm inviting glow of a Southwestern home décor bathroom is a great way to makeover your existing bathroom into a luxurious retreat. A Southwestern home décor bathroom incorporates a few key elements that make it distinctly Southwestern. Color is the main aspect of Southwestern décor that will truly make your bathroom unique and beautiful. Fabulous textures continue the warm rustic feel that is associated with a Southwestern décor theme in your home. Rustic hardware is the finishing touch your home bathroom.

Painting your walls or even your furniture is the first step to creating a Southwestern home décor bathroom. Southwestern colors are warm blues, greens, seinnas, sands, sunny yellows, and well any earthy warm color you might find in nature. Cactus green is a great Southwestern home décor color to use in your bathroom. Painting the walls is just the first step in adding paint to your Southwestern home décor bathroom. Ground your Southwestern wall colors by painting any furniture in the bathroom as well. Think rustic. You can apply your Southwestern paint colors to your surface using a regular three inch paint brush. The streaky painted on surface is perfect for a Southwestern décor. If you have a traditional plain vanity with cabinets you can immediately make it look like a custom Southwestern décor piece in your bathroom by painting it. For beginners who are not so confident choosing colors and deciding where to place them I recommend painting a warm earthy yellow on the walls. Use your blues, greens, and sienna for your furniture and shelving.

Creating texture is the next step in making over your Southwestern home décor bathroom. Textures can be applied to the walls, found in accessories, and completed in your towels and bathroom linens. Creating texture in a Southwestern home décor bathroom can be achieved by bringing the outside in. You can take this literally and figuratively. Literally you can apply texture medium to your existing walls and then paint over it. You could also wallpaper in a natural grass like wall paper and paint over it as well. Be sure to prime your textured surface before you paint. Accessories are also a great opportunity for natural texture. Why not add a miniature sandbox, like the kind you find as a stress reliever on an office desk. The addition of great pottery is also a wonderful way to bring in some natural Southwestern décor. Fill them with cacti and other native plants indicative to the Southwestern region of the United States. I have seen great stone looking planters at my local home improvement store that would be perfect for creating a miniature indoor cacti garden. Use this as an opportunity to add more Southwestern color your bathroom décor. Towels are also another great way to add texture to your Southwestern bathroom décor. Choose towels that have added interest in their design. Basket weave patterns and embossed stripes will create visual interest in your new home bathroom décor no matter what color they are. You could also customize your new bathroom towels by adding trim and detail that carries on the Southwestern theme.

Finish off the décor in your Southwestern home décor bathroom with some rustic hardware. Wrought iron is huge feature to Southwestern décor. Its heavy visual appeal is a great grounding mechanism for all of your earthy colors. A uniform use of matching wrought iron hardware can tie together all of you décor in your Southwestern bathroom. Be sure to use the same finishes on everything from your door hardware, to lighting fixtures, to towels bars, and even the toilet paper holder. If you can’t afford to replace your existing bathroom hardware you can still create a Southwestern look in other ways. Add new shelving to your bathroom that has decorative hardware on it that goes well in a Southwestern theme. I have seen great wooden shelving with wrought iron support brackets at every home improvement store as well as Michael’s Arts and Crafts. You can also add some visual Southwestern appeal with framed photos. Spend a day photographing Southwestern themes hardware, planting, and more. Frame them out in rustic frames that have great iron details on them.

These are only a few ideas to get you started on your Southwestern home décor bathroom project. Incorporate your own ideas and make your bathroom truly unique.