Apple “iWatch”- Why I Am Watching This New Technology

Apple has a tendency to keep its newest and most innovative products a secret. However, it has applied to trademark the “iWatch” name in several countries (Taiwan, Russia, Mexico and Japan) as it prepares for to release the next generation of technology. The iWatch is rumored to be the next generation of technology that is worn rather than carried around like an iPhone. The iWatch will bring us one step closer to being wired into the internet and in constant contact. We already have technology like Google glass which is a wearable technology eyewear that can do everything from take a video to translate a foreign language. The iWatch will surely rival Google glass and other competitors.

The iWatch is likely to be a phone, music station, camera and internet accessible in the same way the iPhone will be. The bigger question is what new features it will have that make it more attractive than the pricey iPhone. It may attract a different type of consumer that wants mobile technology that is easy to transport. It also will make communication easier as you will never be concerned about searching for your phone.

I have to say that I”m really interested in this piece of technology. I’m not exactly sure how it will fit into my lifestyle in terms of communication but the concept is unique. One of the biggest problems mothers that are freelance workers has is communication while we are minding our children. I am forever searching through a large bag filled with kid stuff to find my phone or at times I even forget it. The idea of a wearable piece of technology is attractive to me because I’ll have one less thing to carry and keep track of. It also keeps me connected so I am less likely to miss an important piece of communication while wearing it.

We still don’t know what the iPhone will look like. Some of the trademarks mention black devices. There are hundreds of possibility of size and design. I guess we will all have to wait to see what Apple has come up with this time. I’m not sure I’d wear a device like Google glass but I’d seriously consider a watch if it had phone capabilities. There is also a bit of a nerd grinning to think I’d have an Inspector Gadget device that actually worked! I guess the science fiction of the past is really becoming a part of the future!