Relationships and Technology: Is Your Cell Phone Ruining Your Relationship?

These days it seems like everyone is glued to their screen – checking email, texting, browsing the web, and catching up on social media. And although it’s super convenient to have the ability to stay in touch with work, friends, and family on the go, the truth is relationships and technology don’t always mix. In fact, if you aren’t careful, your cell phone and computer could ruin your relationship before you even realize it’s happening.

For example, let’s say you’re working on the computer when your spouse comes into the room to ask where his shoes are. If you answer his inquiry without looking up from the screen, you’re sending him a subconscious message that in that moment your screen is more important to you than he is. This contributes to a subtle breakdown in your relationship, and over time this tiny fracture can cause a giant rift between the two of you.

If you’re guilty of talking to your spouse without looking up from your screen, stop immediately. Even if you’re busy, take a second to look at him, make eye contact, and answer his question. If your partner constantly chooses his screen over you, tell him how …

People Reducing Technology Use to Spend More In-Person Time with Friends and Family

CHINET is leading manufacturer of premium disposable tableware and recently conducted a survey concerning people connecting more with their friends and family without technology.

The results of the survey indicate that many people want to be with others more in the physical world rather than in the virtual world. Over 60 percent of people who participated in the survey intend to decrease their use of technology and virtual social interaction for more in-person experiences with their friends and family.

Over 90 percent of survey participants said they currently use the online world to communicate in ways that are traditionally done in person such as asking someone out on a date, getting advice and even playing some kind of board game.

The survey results showed that the average number of people an individual knows online is around 275. Out of this number, people usually only had seen only 11 percent of them in person during the past few months. It also showed that 60 percent of time people spend interacting with family and friends is done with technology or through social media. On an average week most people spend approximately 23 hours communicating with people using some form of technology or …

Saving Your Family Treasures: Newspaper Clippings

Most of us have an article or photograph that we have clipped out of a newspaper intending to keep it as part of our family treasures to hand down to future generations. Personally, we have clippings of my little sister who managed to get her photograph in the newspaper several times as a child and a couple of me as an adult. We also have saved several obituaries and a couple of newspaper articles that are special to us. I’m sure you have something you feel is important enough to hang on to also.

Have you ever noticed that if you leave a newspaper in your car that within a week it has turned a golden yellow color? Modern newspapers are not made to last. Our older newspaper clippings have been around long enough to turn dark mustard colored brown. If you, like us clip out an article intending it to last long enough to pass down to your children’s children then you need to take some simple steps.

There are two routes you can take to preserve your newspaper clipping: the simplest is to photocopy or scan it on buffered acid free paper. If you want to keep the …

Thrift Shopping for the Stay at Home Mom

Thrift shopping is a great way for stay at home moms to find great bargain items to add to the wardrobe without going over your set budget limit. Also just because we spend alot of time with our kids doesn’t mean we don’t care about the latest fashion trends we realize that in these hard times we need to save money to take care of our family for whatever reason. So here are some of my thrift shopping tips found below.

1. Ask yourself if you like to go shopping for great bargains on clothes at a thrift shop. The reason why you should ask yourself this question is because thrift stores tend to require alot of time searching through racks and bins. You should always keep in mind that you may not always find your size or something that you like and find yourself leaving the thrift store empty handed.

2. Try to decide the right time for you to go. It is best to spend at least an hour hunting for bargains since you will have alot of ground to cover. Also you never know you could of skipped a ton of name brand items in your size …