Building Technology that Changes Living

A home that runs on light absorbed in the structure? One idea for home living that is possible with fabricated materials. Now that inventive builders and researchers have developed new materials for architectural building, a person can settle into a home that controls the atmosphere for living.

Building Homes Made from Man-Made Materials

Instead of relying on the wood and stone found in nature, the 21st century builder depends upon materials made by man using modern science and technology. Model homes displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York during the first decade of this century showed the public the leaps in home design that have become possible. One model called the Cellophane House has sides that let light shine through. Solar panels and photovoltaics in the facade capture the sun’s energy to use for running the house; a second skin blocks damaging rays.

The glass material is only one new man-made material. Researchers at MIT’s Building Technology Program and Old Dominion University’s Applied Research Center stay hard at work developing the materials for future construction. Students involved in the MIT program learn how to design building architecture using the new materials. Old Dominion students learn current …

Scan as You Go Technology Allows for Easy, Convenient Shopping Experience

It started with the express lane. Then, the self-checkout lane. Now, some grocery shoppers can scan as they shop.

A June 17 Associated Press article revealed that some grocers around the country have implemented a new technology, which allows shoppers to utilize a hand-held scanner while shopping. What this scanner allows shoppers to do is keep track of the final bill, as well as have a total ready, allowing for a speedy checkout at the front of the store. As an added bonus, shoppers are also able to bag the groceries as they shop. So, in the end, customers will spend more time browsing the aisles than waiting in long checkout lines.

When customers arrive at the checkout, they scan a barcode that is generated by the personal scanner. This allows the total to be placed in ‘register.’ Customers then simply use any coupons and frequent shopper’s club cards and then pay. To ensure customers are paying for everything, people are randomly selected for audits.

For items without barcodes, such as produce or bulk candy, customers can utilize scales with printers. After the item is weighed, an adhesive price tag with a scannable bar code prints out. Customers just stick …

Fresh Smelling Ideas for Your Home

Like many others, I love to have a clean smelling home. Personally, I think they should have an anonymous group for people like me'”obsessed with candles, air fresheners and every other fresh smelling idea there is on the market . After pregnancy and having a baby, I realized many of those air fresheners were dangerous for me to breath while pregnant and for baby to breath. Additionally, lit candles are dangerous for an infant who is mobile and loves to grab at things. Scented cones and incense are also hazardous for this reason. I’m sure I am not the only one who has experienced difficulty choosing a safe air freshener alternatives.

1. Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets in drawers, suitcases and the bottom of laundry habits combat the odor and leave a fresh scent behind. You still must watch your baby doesn’t grab one of these sheets and consume it. I’ve also found that placing a dryer sheet inside a pillow or under the fitted sheet on your bed keeps the area smelling fresh. Use doubled sided tape and attach a dryer sheet to the top of overhead fan blades. This allows the scent to fill the entire room. Be sure …

Why Sony Needs Playstation Home

After years of anticipation, Sony finally launched the Playstation Home in late 2008. The unique Playstation 3 service immediately received some huge backlash from fans and critics alike. Many went as far as to question why Sony even brother creating its virtual online world in the first place. Sony should still fully support the Playstation Home amidst all the criticism, however. Here are a few reasons why.

Sony wanted the Playstation 3 to be one powerful multipurpose video game system. Because of that, however, their video game system ended up without having a real identity. The Nintendo Wii has motion controls while the Xbox 360 has Xbox Live. The Playstation 3 has no real distinguishable gaming feature when compared to the competition.

This is why Playstation Home is so important to Sony since it is truly unique to the Playstation 3 and separates the system from the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. Dropping Playstation Home will then leave the Playstation 3 with nothing.

Not Yet Reach Its Full Potential 
However, Playstation Home isn’t quite connecting to the mainstream audience as much as the motion controls for the Nintendo Wii and Xbox Live on the Xbox 360 did.

The potential …

How to Make a Cheap Homemade Mouse Pad

Shopping for a mouse pad can be an eye-opening experience. How could a seven-inch by five-inch piece of flimsy lined rubber cost upwards of eight dollars? The mouse pads with pictures are almost twice the price! I cannot justify spending eight dollars on an ordinary mouse pad. It is a waste of money when considering the cost of printer ink, paper, and other necessary computer supplies. This made me think about the possibility of making a cheap homemade mouse pad instead of buying an overpriced piece of flimsy rubber from the store. Try these easy ways to make a cheap homemade mouse pad, and never buy a high-priced store-bought mouse pad again.

Buy a Sheet of Thick Colorful Craft Foam

Craft foam is pliable but durable, and it is the ideal material when attempting to make a cheap homemade mouse pad. Even the thickest craft foam is less than one dollar a sheet, and it comes in a rainbow of colors. Visit the craft aisle of a local discount store, and look for sheets of colorful craft foam. Trace an old store-bought mouse pad, and cut out the new homemade version with a pair of sharp craft scissors. This cheap …

News Alert: Dorothy and Toto Buy Home in New Orleans

A quick take regarding this whole Gustav exodus from New Orleans. While I pray all of the Gulf residents are heeding the eloquent advice of the highly capable Mayor Nalin of New Orleans to “get your butts” out of there in order to avoid a repeat of Katrina, I can’t help but remember back to the horrendous destruction that befell hundreds of thousands of Midwesterners this past summer when tornado after tornado ravaged towns and communities. The storms whipped through taking lives, flattening homes, and destroying spirits but once the news cycle came around again, for the most part nothing more was said. I’ve driven through that part of the country and though the people are self-sufficient and strong, they are by no means wealthy. Why didn’t we hear about their plight for months afterward? Do they still need help? Why were they not catered to or covered by the media with the same level of concern or interest as the evacuation of Gustav? Just another one of those mysteries that fall through the cracks I suppose. All I know is if I were Dorothy, I’d be riding the next house to New Orleans. That Kansas stock must be some …

Why Homeless People Are so Smart

When I was growing up on Lafayette Square on the near south side of St. Louis, there was a skid row filled with homeless people, a couple of blocks away from the house where I lived.. As kids, we would play terrible tricks on them. We’d pay one of them, a man named Red, a quarter to swallow a lit cigarette. We thought it was funny when he would cough and gag for several minutes after he swallowed it. Then he would soothe his parched, and most likely burnt, mouth with a bottle of cheap wine from the nearby liquor store. It was a good thing for him that we soon ran out of quarters.

Back then, in the early seventies, it seemed that you ran into homeless people all the time, especially in my neighborhood. Later, when I got a job in an office downtown, there were always a couple of them waiting for us as we walked to the Serbian church on the corner to get lunch. One time, when I had to go City Hall to take care of some paperwork, there was a homeless person on the steps selling peanuts in brown paper bags. I discovered …

Top 5 Humane Mousetraps for Your Home

Some people find mice to be very disgusting creatures while others find them to be very adorable and only wish to use the best humane mousetraps available to get rid of them. If you hate the thought of killing mice and would prefer to utilize humane mousetraps as an alternative then you are going to see that you are not alone. Below are the top five humane mousetraps that you can purchase in certain stores and online at the mouse or do your own

The highly effective Humane Mouse Trap has a unique design that allows you to safely release the mouse back into the wild unharmed. These humane mousetraps will catch even the smartest of mice and is considered to be a wonderful alternative to poisons or glue cards. By spreading peanut butter on a cracker and placing it inside the trap you will set the stage for the mice to enter into the trap and once they do the spring door will snap shut.

Plastic Trap is a reusable trap that should be checked frequently to ensure that the mice are not suffering needlessly. This trap is also considered one of the best humane mousetraps because …

How to Go Green at Home with Minimal Start Up Costs

In the current age of global consciousness more and more homeowners are looking for ways to go green around their home. However, many options such as solar panels or wind energy seem out of the question due to astronomical start up costs or initial investments. This article will provide you with a few tips on how you can go green at your home and at the same time keep your startup capital as low as possible.

The first thing that you can do to be more environmentally friendly around your home is the obvious, recycle and reuse. Plastic bags from grocery shopping can be used multiple times for storage of items, including food. With the proper slip knot you can seal up food just about as tight as you could do with a zip lock bag. These are also great liners for smaller trash cans, such as in your bathroom or home office. Many other items can also be reused with a little creativity; try using tops from juice cans as coasters instead of buying plastic coasters for your upcoming party.

The second area where you can go green around your house with minimal start up costs is to go …

Homemade Baby Products: Make Your Own Baby Wipes

If you buy a good quality pack of paper towels for $12, and each roll has 150 sheets, you are paying approximately two cents per sheet. Now, if you buy a a normal size container of baby wipes with 70 wipes, for $3, you’re paying almost double at four cents per sheet. If you’re on a tight budget as most new parents certainly are, saving even a few coins on a purchase can be super important.

With that said, you might be thinking that there is no way you would consider putting a paper towel anywhere near your little one’s rump for the sake of saving money. It might console you to know that the notion of a paper towel cleaning is somewhat alarming for most, but with the following recipe, you’ll see that not only will you save money, but your baby’s bottom will be just as clean and unscathed as it would had you used normal baby wipes.

I would like to mention that the recipe I have does not have to be used as your main means of cleaning baby’s bum. You could make a batch and keep them on hand for the wipey wipe out that …