I Have a New Technology Invention on Electronic Picture Frames

I have so much worried about those my family pictures littered around the walls of the parlor and my personal room. These are both old memoirs in picture form and the new ones as mum and dad would never like their best old pictures to be removed or even altered. If these pictures are continuously being pasted on our room walls then soon it becomes worse than the picture gallery museum.

I have come up with this idea similar to that of a projector screen. Formally I did my construction with a 12 by 12 inches carton with half inch thickness. Sample pictures of 11 by 11 inches (numbering 50) were cut against the actual 12 inches carton box. These pictures were joined together at their ends with stick of gum cutting off half inch at the ends of the pictures. This was designed to loop continuously (i.e. playing from picture 1 to 50 and back again to picture 1) with the aid of two broom sticks of 13 inches robed heavily with the paper stickers and projecting outside the box from the sides (having half inch offset each for the up and the bottom handle for scrolling of the …

Forget About the Newspaper, the Radio, the Television: The New ‘online Magazine’ Model is Called a BLOG

Forget about the newspaper, the radio, the television: the new ‘online magazine’ model is called a BLOG, and move over Associated Press – this new independent model has wings and it is here to stay.

What is a Blog? Simply an interactive website where pros can be posted, commented on, subscribed to and followed; where authors can post, comment, even moderate; basically, the BLOG is a new version of the old Newsgroup, with a few more bells and whistles that round out the package. not to relieve the suspense, though, BLOGS and BLOGGING are the proverbial ‘new rage’ online.

By creating a Blog, anyone who understands a market, what the users want and need, what to sell for what price, can instantly go into business as a authority source: an actual independent publishing and news service. 
Without getting too technical, the underlying technology frankly is the ultimate search advertising tool: making it possible for a Blog owner to build ever growing link popularity and internet presence in general for an industry, and to use or contract out that power to feed business to a client or target business of his or her choice.

Make no mistake, Blogs are becoming part …

Does Brian Ross of ABC News Care About the Safety of America?

Every few weeks, it seems, I am forced to confront the idea that the news media in the United States care more about embarrassing President George Bush than they do about the safety and security of American citizens, at home and abroad, and the military trying to protect us.

In recent weeks, it has become more and more clear that Iran is using the Iraq war to fight a proxy war against the United States. While there have been reported instances of Iranian weapons, explosives and missiles being used against Iraqi and American troops, there have also been Iranian military captured fighting alongside terrorists in Iraq.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who – in addition to calling for Israel to be “wiped off the map,” has ignored U.N. demands that he cease work on Iran’s nuclear program, which outsiders believe is many years from producing usable energy, but not very long at all before enough uranium could be enriched to build a nuclear weapon.

Ahmadinejad is supported by hardline Muslims, although many feel the real political power belongs to the mullahcracy, the unelected religious clerics who have stifled any real reforms in Iran for decades.

In spite of the obvious interference …

Newsletter Publishing: The Easiest Home Business

Everybody says websites must have an email newsletter for marketing. Freelancers can take advantage of ezine fever by marketing their services as a professional newsletter publisher. Take the burden off busy small business owners. Write and send their email newsletters for them-and get paid handsomely for doing it.

Getting ready. You need nothing more than good writing and research skills to start an email newsletter publishing business.

Profit potential. Charge a flat rate for designing each issue (using templates provided by the email newsletter service), and charge per each original article. Rates vary from $10 to $150 or more per issue depending on frequency and complexity; article rates may be by the word or by the article (10 cents a word, for instance, or $20 per article or more). Ensure a continuing stream of income by contracting with clients for weekly, biweekly, or monthly newsletters rather than one-time issues. In addition, charge clients the monthly fees for the email newsletter service provider-or better yet, have them sign up with their own credit cards and contract with them for management and production only.

Marketing your at-home email newsletter publishing business. Start with local small businesses where you can walk in the …

News Flash: Have You Noticed that Life is Not Always About You?

I seem to learn a lot of life’s lessons from people I see or meet at the local gym of which I am a member. My purpose is to go there, work out and be on with the next chapter of my day. This particular day was no exception.

But wait!! Is someone calling my name? Yes, I can hear it clearly now. It’s Sarah over there going through her own routine. As I approach her we exchange polite pleasantries. Usually she has an upbeat persona about herself. Something isn’t quite right. A few moments elapsed in silence as I proceeded to continue my work out. The piece of equipment I was going to use was right next to her.

Sarah then told me of the passing of her older brother a few days earlier. Now I understood why her normal greeting was not as perky. She began sharing the details leading to his death. She wanted me to know because she said we were sisters in Christ of which I gave a resounding Amen.

After she shared this with me, I felt compelled to share with her of my older brother who had died many years ago. It was …

The Ultimate Guide to Season One of NewsRadio

NewsRadio is a sitcom dealing with daily life at New York radio station WNYX. The show was created by Paul Simms and stars Dave Foley (as news director Dave Nelson), Stephen Root (eccentric station owner Jimmy James), Phil Hartman (pompous anchor Bill McNeal), Maura Tierney (overachiever Lisa Miller), Andy Dick (inept reporter Matthew Brock), Khandi Alexander (anchor/Bill’s rival Catherine Duke), Vicki Lewis (Dave’s confidante and secretary Beth), and Joe Rogan (electrician Joe Garrelli). Here is a guide to NewsRadio’s wonderful first season, which included seven episodes and began airing in March of 1995.

“Pilot”: When Dave moves from Wisconsin to be the news director at WNYX in New York, he is surprised to learn that his first task will be firing his predecessor, Ed Harlow (Kurt Fuller). Lisa is even more surprised since she was sure that the news director job was hers. Jimmy tells everyone that Dave is the new sports guy, then leaves to buy a chain of sporting goods stores. Bill is annoyed that Ed assigned Catherine an interview with Al Gore. Dave is delighted when Ed quits his job, only to find out that Ed quits a few times a week. Matthew is overjoyed to find …

Keeping Up with the Times: The News, You, and Your Money

It’s no small secret that the world is in an economic crisis, but this isn’t the main thought on people’s minds. The number one thought people are having is: How is this going to affect me? When the everyone in the world is out to get their own piece of the pie how do you know who is trying to help you and who is scamming you and extorting all the money they can?

The easiest way to try to understand what’s happening and how it will affect you is to keep up with local, National, and world-wide news. Don’t fall in to the victimizing trap many people do, in thinking that everything you see or hear will affect you. If your watching or reading a story about the American car industry starting to fail and the repercussions it will have, and you work in the food service industry, simply think about that one. Most things that you see in the news will not affect you in a direct manner, but it will help you to understand what is about to happen, and prepare for what will affect you in the near future.

If you don’t fully understand what is …

The Fear of Fox News

You ask most leaders in Europe and the like if they think the taking down of Saddam was a good thing or a bad thing. You will get different respones according to where you ask the questions. If you ask while the TV camera is rolling and they will say. America should have done this or done that but never really argree with saying. Yes, America did the right thing and is saving our behinds once again. Many around the world sighed a big relief when Saddam was taken down but cannot because of the people who vote of who they rule over. America is suppose to be seen as this big bully. Not to be trusted. Yet when the dirty work is to be done. Who does it? America. This brings me to my subject. Fox News. The left is terrified of this cable network. As well as they should be. But let’s look at conservative TV and radio. The most popular political talk shows and stories are on Fox News. Conservative talk radio has no equal. Air America couldn’t fill up my college dorm room. Yet to hear it from MSNBC and others they are the ones who …

No News is Not News

I’m not deaf and I’m not blind,
I see and hear the news,
But the things I see and hear
Are only commentators views.

I want to know the real truth 
Of why our soldiers die. 
We’re told that they’re protecting us. 
Let’s hear the battle cry.

Let’s hear what we’re protected from, 
And what good is being done. 
Or let’s just bring our soldiers home 
And look out for number one.

If we’re protecting interests 
In the oil fields abroad, 
So we can buy our oil there, 
Let’s give up on that fraud.

Let’s use our own oil deposits, 
Right here on our own ground, 
And bring our soldiers home again. 
I think that reasoning’s sound.

By Don Rothra…

Check the Boston Newspapers, Radio and TV for the Best Local Patriots Coverage

For upcoming NFL coverage as the New England Patriots approach possibly yet another Superbowl, turn to the Boston media. Two major newspapers, TV stations, radio with non-stop sports coverage – all will be reporting the latest news from the team and their potential adversaries. Here’s a selection:


Boston.com is the home of the Boston Globe, in recent years an outpost of the New York Times. They have solid coverage of sports including top columnists.

Boston Herald is more of a “people’s paper” in Boston, and may have some inside scoops, definitely more coverage to chew on at break time at work.

WHDH-TV is one of the “big three” stations in Boston, channels 4, 5 and 7. Look for typical major media coverage with local insight.

WBZ Newsradio 1030 is a long-time favorite in the Boston area, your grandfather’s station but still up to date. Talk shows will be especially interesting, but coverage should be good and frequent. WBZ is listened to by many commuters for their drive-time traffic reports, so they should keep you up to date. Boston traffic is almost worth listening to by itself!

WEEI 850 AM Sports radio is real sports radio, for those who can’t get …