Check the Boston Newspapers, Radio and TV for the Best Local Patriots Coverage

For upcoming NFL coverage as the New England Patriots approach possibly yet another Superbowl, turn to the Boston media. Two major newspapers, TV stations, radio with non-stop sports coverage – all will be reporting the latest news from the team and their potential adversaries. Here’s a selection: is the home of the Boston Globe, in recent years an outpost of the New York Times. They have solid coverage of sports including top columnists.

Boston Herald is more of a “people’s paper” in Boston, and may have some inside scoops, definitely more coverage to chew on at break time at work.

WHDH-TV is one of the “big three” stations in Boston, channels 4, 5 and 7. Look for typical major media coverage with local insight.

WBZ Newsradio 1030 is a long-time favorite in the Boston area, your grandfather’s station but still up to date. Talk shows will be especially interesting, but coverage should be good and frequent. WBZ is listened to by many commuters for their drive-time traffic reports, so they should keep you up to date. Boston traffic is almost worth listening to by itself!

WEEI 850 AM Sports radio is real sports radio, for those who can’t get enough. Tune in for heated discussions with callers who should be behind the mike themselves. Many callers in the Boston area are avid sports historians, and memories of games going back decades add color to discussions.

Finally, Boston Sports Media Watch keeps track of what’s going on in Boston, a big sports town. Keep an eye on them for any behind the scenes stories and also links to team websites and more.

Most major stations in the Boston area have Internet feeds, so don’t just check their websites for stories, tune in and listen to what Boston is talking about. Boston has hot teams, but there’s never a sense of entitlement – a chance at a trophy always keeps the city anticipating and talking!


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