Homemade Baby Products: Make Your Own Baby Wipes

If you buy a good quality pack of paper towels for $12, and each roll has 150 sheets, you are paying approximately two cents per sheet. Now, if you buy a a normal size container of baby wipes with 70 wipes, for $3, you’re paying almost double at four cents per sheet. If you’re on a tight budget as most new parents certainly are, saving even a few coins on a purchase can be super important.

With that said, you might be thinking that there is no way you would consider putting a paper towel anywhere near your little one’s rump for the sake of saving money. It might console you to know that the notion of a paper towel cleaning is somewhat alarming for most, but with the following recipe, you’ll see that not only will you save money, but your baby’s bottom will be just as clean and unscathed as it would had you used normal baby wipes.

I would like to mention that the recipe I have does not have to be used as your main means of cleaning baby’s bum. You could make a batch and keep them on hand for the wipey wipe out that occasionally occurs after several extra feedings of peas or mushed beans.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Baby Oil 
Water (in a spray bottle, preferably) 
Good quality paper towels 
A plastic container or an old wipe container 
A few extra minutes

First, get a roll of paper towels. If you can buy some good quality paper towels that aren’t outside of your paper towel budget, you’ll probably save more money then by buying average quality baby wipes.

Next, secure your container. Knowing which kind of container you will use is going to help you determine just how you want to fold your paper towels. If it is a square container, you’ll fold them in squares. For rectangular containers, such as old baby wipe containers, you can fold the paper towels in half so that you have a long rectangle, then fold the two ends in, one over the other so that you have a smaller rectangle.

Now, fold all of the paper towels. Once folded, squirt each one with a spray of water and a small squirt of baby oil. You can also place some baby oil at the bottom of the container and some at the top and sides of the stack so that the oil penetrates the towels.

To finish, you can place each folded, wet towel in your container. You can interlace them by placing one fold into the the pocket of the one before it. That way, you can pull each one through a slit on the top of your container (make one if you are using an older plastic container that you have saved.), while having the next sheet ready for use. Now you have a ready box of baby wipes, whether you want to use them solely to save money, or have them on hand in case you run out of your normal baby product.

It’s always important to be cautious with baby products, but doing some things yourself can save a great deal of cash. New parents are always bombarded with a wide variety of baby products, and many feel, for great love and concern for their child, that the products sold in the baby section of their favorite store are best for baby because they are made for baby, but many of the products aren’t too different from other products. If you have any questions about what you might be able to use for or with your baby, call your pediatrician.