How to Make a Cheap Homemade Mouse Pad

Shopping for a mouse pad can be an eye-opening experience. How could a seven-inch by five-inch piece of flimsy lined rubber cost upwards of eight dollars? The mouse pads with pictures are almost twice the price! I cannot justify spending eight dollars on an ordinary mouse pad. It is a waste of money when considering the cost of printer ink, paper, and other necessary computer supplies. This made me think about the possibility of making a cheap homemade mouse pad instead of buying an overpriced piece of flimsy rubber from the store. Try these easy ways to make a cheap homemade mouse pad, and never buy a high-priced store-bought mouse pad again.

Buy a Sheet of Thick Colorful Craft Foam

Craft foam is pliable but durable, and it is the ideal material when attempting to make a cheap homemade mouse pad. Even the thickest craft foam is less than one dollar a sheet, and it comes in a rainbow of colors. Visit the craft aisle of a local discount store, and look for sheets of colorful craft foam. Trace an old store-bought mouse pad, and cut out the new homemade version with a pair of sharp craft scissors. This cheap homemade version will likely outlast the overpriced varieties sold in stores.

Add a Design Using Fabric and Spray Adhesive

Would you prefer a cheap homemade mouse pad with a design? It is easy to come up with a cheap designer version using a sheet of scrap fabric and spray adhesive. Simply locate a piece of fabric in a design of your choice, and trace around the aforementioned homemade craft foam mouse pad on the wrong side of the material. Cut out the fabric, and attach it to the sheet of craft foam using spray-on adhesive. Allow the adhesive to dry completely before using your new homemade mouse pad. No one will guess it was not purchased from a store, and with the wide selection of fabric available, this cheap homemade version made in any theme, color, or design.

Add a Sheet of Self-Adhesive Shelf Liner

Fabric is not a requirement for this homemade project. Cheap self-adhesive shelf liner works like a charm. Simply trace around a homemade craft foam mouse pad, and peel away the adhesive backing. Apply it carefully beginning at a corner, and trim away any excess paper around the edges. This cheap homemade mouse pad will last longer than the typical store-bought variety. More than likely you will become bored with the color or design before it wears out.