I Have a New Technology Invention on Electronic Picture Frames

I have so much worried about those my family pictures littered around the walls of the parlor and my personal room. These are both old memoirs in picture form and the new ones as mum and dad would never like their best old pictures to be removed or even altered. If these pictures are continuously being pasted on our room walls then soon it becomes worse than the picture gallery museum.

I have come up with this idea similar to that of a projector screen. Formally I did my construction with a 12 by 12 inches carton with half inch thickness. Sample pictures of 11 by 11 inches (numbering 50) were cut against the actual 12 inches carton box. These pictures were joined together at their ends with stick of gum cutting off half inch at the ends of the pictures. This was designed to loop continuously (i.e. playing from picture 1 to 50 and back again to picture 1) with the aid of two broom sticks of 13 inches robed heavily with the paper stickers and projecting outside the box from the sides (having half inch offset each for the up and the bottom handle for scrolling of the picture to move on both directions (in sequence).

The screen window was cut 10 by 10 inches for the picture display and covered with a transparent glass like plastic. In the other hand, the Light Emitting Diode (LED) tubes from faulty radio (white in colour), powered by two finger batteries were used as illuminate the box so that the picture could be seen clearly even at night like the TV.

This crude sketch I designed on February 2018 is operated manually since you have to scroll through the broom sticks but my best and curious assumption is sometime else. It has to do with the slide display like the plasma TV screen. From the believe I had from my studies that the Plasma is cheap to build being made of fiber, krypton, Neon or noble gases and Highly built Integrated Circuit (IC).

The major parts are the Screen (To display the pictures). It could be of any size but I prefer big screens like 52 by 52 inches for both landscape and portrait pictures. The screen should have the On/Off, Sleep, Wakeup, Home, Play, Pause, Replay, Scan, Browse, Volume control and Delay buttons. The screen should also have the sound system attached to it by the sides if possible at the back faintly noticed. A lithium battery cell should be found located at the back of the Screen Display Device to Power the device and keep the current time/date of display shown on the screen. It should have a power cable for electricity supply to serve a charger too. More so a memory card slot and USB connection ports should be created on the Screen display for more other multimedia show/play via the USB.

The programmable machine that helps to assimilate (scan) the pictures and set the customized slide shows and present animations as done in Microsoft Power Point Show. This programmable machine should be attached to the monitor for preview before the final show on the picture slide screen. It should be wireless such that it can be operated from afar. The machine could be switched off after programming the slide show such that the machine will be at rest while the picture slide screen works on its own. The main relationship between the Picture Slide Show/ Movie Screen and the programmable machine is the Memory Card (from 1GB and above) and its slots found on both devices. It will be used for the programming and transferring of data to the screen display. A remote control with same buttons on the picture slide show screen should be used to alter the slides any way you want it.

This device when built will be used in homes and offices. It will be used mostly indoors. Again, it should have a censor for Phone messages (SMS, MMS). In that way, it has a common feature with the Network providers to alert someone on the current news or information across the globe all to be displayed on the screen synchronizing with the picture/movie show.

The shows should look like that of the Macromedia Flash player with great animation suitable to pass cool information to the viewers. With this and more other innovations by specialist will create a better Picture Slide show/ Information Board electronics Device to be named after Michael Eboh. That’s funny anyway.

Jobs will be created for companies or individuals to programme your office or home slide shows pictures using the programmable machines. The machine should be monopolized restricted to only the company that provides the slide show picture frame. This is to enable them generate more money from the job of scanning and imputing information stored in the memory card and used on the picture frame.

ELSE, everybody may have both device (Slide Show Picture Frame and the programming Machine) and be taught on how to use it through the user manual.

As far as information Technology is concern, this will go along way to generate habitual revenue to the company that builds this device. Most consumers I bet you will come from Africa. May I have someone take up this invention and make haste to develop it. May more of my ideas be given to the technology companies for more research, investigations and advancement of the Information driven world and may I be remembered by my little but powerful invention.