News Alert: Dorothy and Toto Buy Home in New Orleans

A quick take regarding this whole Gustav exodus from New Orleans. While I pray all of the Gulf residents are heeding the eloquent advice of the highly capable Mayor Nalin of New Orleans to “get your butts” out of there in order to avoid a repeat of Katrina, I can’t help but remember back to the horrendous destruction that befell hundreds of thousands of Midwesterners this past summer when tornado after tornado ravaged towns and communities. The storms whipped through taking lives, flattening homes, and destroying spirits but once the news cycle came around again, for the most part nothing more was said. I’ve driven through that part of the country and though the people are self-sufficient and strong, they are by no means wealthy. Why didn’t we hear about their plight for months afterward? Do they still need help? Why were they not catered to or covered by the media with the same level of concern or interest as the evacuation of Gustav? Just another one of those mysteries that fall through the cracks I suppose. All I know is if I were Dorothy, I’d be riding the next house to New Orleans. That Kansas stock must be some hardy folk. God bless them!