The Future of Technology Will Go Beyond the Norm

The future of technology is constantly evolving. To quote Bill Gates: “Software is used everywhere, and there will be advancements in the future of software and digital.” Bill Gates recently announced that there will be touch and sensory technology, such as a table keyboard, minus the mouse and physical hardware. The modern life is impacted by technology, and the advancement of technology for the next year must add to a more “personalized” quality of life.

With the advancements next year of software for home, work computers and gadgets of all sorts, what’s next? The future of technology will have to impact everyday lives, to help improve lives, in countless ways. This is a tremendous statement, considering the future of technology is boundless. There are endless possibilities for this scenario to come to fruition, given the current advancements in medicine, mobile technology and robotics.

In the case of medicine, there are robots now doing surgery. In the future, people will be able to access robotics for more common aspects of everyday life, yet at possibly more affordable prices for services, as technology progresses and the demand increases. Even inferior versions will be superior to the average old way of life, for …

10 of the Most Ridiculous Pieces of Technology Available

Technology has made some wonderful advances and makes almost every aspect of our lives better. But in some circumstances, ridiculous doesn’t begin to describe it. Here are 10 of the most ridiculous pieces of technology.

1. USB Computer Mouse With Digital Scale.
 What would someone be measuring that would fit on a computer mouse, and why? With a price tag of almost $50, apparently there is some sort of market for these.

2. CTA Digital 2-in-1 iPotty. Its bad enough that husbands take their iPad into the bathroom, lets not train the toddlers to do so as well. What happened to reading Everyone Poops? Or eating M&Ms;?

3. The E-Go Cruiser By Yuneec Technology. This electronic skateboard eliminates the need for that pesky foot maneuvering. Simply climb aboard and let the technology do the rest! The ultimate in lazy skateboarding.

4. Digi Scents iSmell. Reading an email about apple pie? Smell it in real time! This device plugs into your USB port and contains a cartridge with 128 scents which can be combined into countless odors. Surprisingly, this product never took off and found a market.

5. Solafeet Foot Tanner. Targeted towards athletes who rock sock tans, this is a …

Fresh Smelling Ideas for Your Home

Like many others, I love to have a clean smelling home. Personally, I think they should have an anonymous group for people like me'”obsessed with candles, air fresheners and every other fresh smelling idea there is on the market . After pregnancy and having a baby, I realized many of those air fresheners were dangerous for me to breath while pregnant and for baby to breath. Additionally, lit candles are dangerous for an infant who is mobile and loves to grab at things. Scented cones and incense are also hazardous for this reason. I’m sure I am not the only one who has experienced difficulty choosing a safe air freshener alternatives.

1. Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets in drawers, suitcases and the bottom of laundry habits combat the odor and leave a fresh scent behind. You still must watch your baby doesn’t grab one of these sheets and consume it. I’ve also found that placing a dryer sheet inside a pillow or under the fitted sheet on your bed keeps the area smelling fresh. Use doubled sided tape and attach a dryer sheet to the top of overhead fan blades. This allows the scent to fill the entire room. Be sure …

Why Sony Needs Playstation Home

After years of anticipation, Sony finally launched the Playstation Home in late 2008. The unique Playstation 3 service immediately received some huge backlash from fans and critics alike. Many went as far as to question why Sony even brother creating its virtual online world in the first place. Sony should still fully support the Playstation Home amidst all the criticism, however. Here are a few reasons why.

Sony wanted the Playstation 3 to be one powerful multipurpose video game system. Because of that, however, their video game system ended up without having a real identity. The Nintendo Wii has motion controls while the Xbox 360 has Xbox Live. The Playstation 3 has no real distinguishable gaming feature when compared to the competition.

This is why Playstation Home is so important to Sony since it is truly unique to the Playstation 3 and separates the system from the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. Dropping Playstation Home will then leave the Playstation 3 with nothing.

Not Yet Reach Its Full Potential 
However, Playstation Home isn’t quite connecting to the mainstream audience as much as the motion controls for the Nintendo Wii and Xbox Live on the Xbox 360 did.

The potential …

Forget About the Newspaper, the Radio, the Television: The New ‘online Magazine’ Model is Called a BLOG

Forget about the newspaper, the radio, the television: the new ‘online magazine’ model is called a BLOG, and move over Associated Press – this new independent model has wings and it is here to stay.

What is a Blog? Simply an interactive website where pros can be posted, commented on, subscribed to and followed; where authors can post, comment, even moderate; basically, the BLOG is a new version of the old Newsgroup, with a few more bells and whistles that round out the package. not to relieve the suspense, though, BLOGS and BLOGGING are the proverbial ‘new rage’ online.

By creating a Blog, anyone who understands a market, what the users want and need, what to sell for what price, can instantly go into business as a authority source: an actual independent publishing and news service. 
Without getting too technical, the underlying technology frankly is the ultimate search advertising tool: making it possible for a Blog owner to build ever growing link popularity and internet presence in general for an industry, and to use or contract out that power to feed business to a client or target business of his or her choice.

Make no mistake, Blogs are becoming part …

Wireless Technology – A Wave of New Business

At a time when wireless is just about to make its dent on the IT landscape – resellers can move another notch up the value chain by weaving a business model around wireless products and services as part of their business strategy.

Taking advantage of this opportunity involves getting up to speed with one of the hottest trends in technology today – the explosive growth of wireless data services that will soon put the power of Internet commerce into people’s pockets by providing the opportunity to do real-time transactions on the road.

The need is there in the overall Asian region – primarily in the form of a growing mobile workforce implementation in the corporate front & home networking in the SOHO segment and devices are available to serve that need. About 30 million mobile wireless devices are now used on a daily basis in India and sales of digital wireless handsets are expected to grow far faster than sales of personal computers in coming years.

But what can these wireless data devices be used for?

Most of the mobile data applications now on the market are the new consumer applications such as e-mail access or information services such as …

How to Make a Cheap Homemade Mouse Pad

Shopping for a mouse pad can be an eye-opening experience. How could a seven-inch by five-inch piece of flimsy lined rubber cost upwards of eight dollars? The mouse pads with pictures are almost twice the price! I cannot justify spending eight dollars on an ordinary mouse pad. It is a waste of money when considering the cost of printer ink, paper, and other necessary computer supplies. This made me think about the possibility of making a cheap homemade mouse pad instead of buying an overpriced piece of flimsy rubber from the store. Try these easy ways to make a cheap homemade mouse pad, and never buy a high-priced store-bought mouse pad again.

Buy a Sheet of Thick Colorful Craft Foam

Craft foam is pliable but durable, and it is the ideal material when attempting to make a cheap homemade mouse pad. Even the thickest craft foam is less than one dollar a sheet, and it comes in a rainbow of colors. Visit the craft aisle of a local discount store, and look for sheets of colorful craft foam. Trace an old store-bought mouse pad, and cut out the new homemade version with a pair of sharp craft scissors. This cheap …

Saving Your Family Treasures: Newspaper Clippings

Most of us have an article or photograph that we have clipped out of a newspaper intending to keep it as part of our family treasures to hand down to future generations. Personally, we have clippings of my little sister who managed to get her photograph in the newspaper several times as a child and a couple of me as an adult. We also have saved several obituaries and a couple of newspaper articles that are special to us. I’m sure you have something you feel is important enough to hang on to also.

Have you ever noticed that if you leave a newspaper in your car that within a week it has turned a golden yellow color? Modern newspapers are not made to last. Our older newspaper clippings have been around long enough to turn dark mustard colored brown. If you, like us clip out an article intending it to last long enough to pass down to your children’s children then you need to take some simple steps.

There are two routes you can take to preserve your newspaper clipping: the simplest is to photocopy or scan it on buffered acid free paper. If you want to keep the …

News Alert: Dorothy and Toto Buy Home in New Orleans

A quick take regarding this whole Gustav exodus from New Orleans. While I pray all of the Gulf residents are heeding the eloquent advice of the highly capable Mayor Nalin of New Orleans to “get your butts” out of there in order to avoid a repeat of Katrina, I can’t help but remember back to the horrendous destruction that befell hundreds of thousands of Midwesterners this past summer when tornado after tornado ravaged towns and communities. The storms whipped through taking lives, flattening homes, and destroying spirits but once the news cycle came around again, for the most part nothing more was said. I’ve driven through that part of the country and though the people are self-sufficient and strong, they are by no means wealthy. Why didn’t we hear about their plight for months afterward? Do they still need help? Why were they not catered to or covered by the media with the same level of concern or interest as the evacuation of Gustav? Just another one of those mysteries that fall through the cracks I suppose. All I know is if I were Dorothy, I’d be riding the next house to New Orleans. That Kansas stock must be some …

Why Homeless People Are so Smart

When I was growing up on Lafayette Square on the near south side of St. Louis, there was a skid row filled with homeless people, a couple of blocks away from the house where I lived.. As kids, we would play terrible tricks on them. We’d pay one of them, a man named Red, a quarter to swallow a lit cigarette. We thought it was funny when he would cough and gag for several minutes after he swallowed it. Then he would soothe his parched, and most likely burnt, mouth with a bottle of cheap wine from the nearby liquor store. It was a good thing for him that we soon ran out of quarters.

Back then, in the early seventies, it seemed that you ran into homeless people all the time, especially in my neighborhood. Later, when I got a job in an office downtown, there were always a couple of them waiting for us as we walked to the Serbian church on the corner to get lunch. One time, when I had to go City Hall to take care of some paperwork, there was a homeless person on the steps selling peanuts in brown paper bags. I discovered …