People Reducing Technology Use to Spend More In-Person Time with Friends and Family

CHINET is leading manufacturer of premium disposable tableware and recently conducted a survey concerning people connecting more with their friends and family without technology.

The results of the survey indicate that many people want to be with others more in the physical world rather than in the virtual world. Over 60 percent of people who participated in the survey intend to decrease their use of technology and virtual social interaction for more in-person experiences with their friends and family.

Over 90 percent of survey participants said they currently use the online world to communicate in ways that are traditionally done in person such as asking someone out on a date, getting advice and even playing some kind of board game.

The survey results showed that the average number of people an individual knows online is around 275. Out of this number, people usually only had seen only 11 percent of them in person during the past few months. It also showed that 60 percent of time people spend interacting with family and friends is done with technology or through social media. On an average week most people spend approximately 23 hours communicating with people using some form of technology or social media.

Participants were asked what they felt was lacking in a digital interaction and 86 percent said spending time together that is meaningful. There were also 84 percent who said they missed the feeling of warmth and the strong satisfaction experienced after being with people they enjoy in person. There were 75 percent of respondents who wanted to have or attend more get-togethers in-person during the upcoming year.

According to a June 25, press release Paul Huckins, vice president of the retail division for Huhtamaki is quoted as saying “Obviously, technology is an important part of our lives but as the survey shows, the value of face-to-face connections cannot be replaced. Whether it’s a casual game night with friends or a simple family picnic in the park, we are here to help make it easier for people to spend more time together.”

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