The Fear of Fox News

You ask most leaders in Europe and the like if they think the taking down of Saddam was a good thing or a bad thing. You will get different respones according to where you ask the questions. If you ask while the TV camera is rolling and they will say. America should have done this or done that but never really argree with saying. Yes, America did the right thing and is saving our behinds once again. Many around the world sighed a big relief when Saddam was taken down but cannot because of the people who vote of who they rule over. America is suppose to be seen as this big bully. Not to be trusted. Yet when the dirty work is to be done. Who does it? America. This brings me to my subject. Fox News. The left is terrified of this cable network. As well as they should be. But let’s look at conservative TV and radio. The most popular political talk shows and stories are on Fox News. Conservative talk radio has no equal. Air America couldn’t fill up my college dorm room. Yet to hear it from MSNBC and others they are the ones who have all the right ideas for America. News articles from The New York Times, The Washington Post and a host of other news outlet lean so far to the left you have to put bricks in your right pocket to keep from falling over. They have already crowned Hilary as our next president and don’t want to hear any backtalk from anyone who says it’s not going to happen. Granted as a conservative I cannot stand to see this happen but as a minority I wouldn’t mind seeing our first black or our first woman president in my lifetime. I think we have let the WASP have their fun. Now it’s our turn. But I don’t want a liberal in office because I don’t want larger government or higher taxes. Which is what we will have if given the chance by our wonderful left wing congress.

So, are people watching Fox News because they want to see what the other side is like or are they watching because the issues and views go along with how they feel in their heart. I asked some friends and neighbors about current issues. Such as: Gay marriage. Most were dead against it. Nothing against gays but don’t see how Adam and Steve go along with Adam and Eve. The War: Most were against it but understand why we must continue to fight because those opposing the war are seen as waving the white flag. Ilegal Immigrants: Find a way to make the transition to American a more smooth road but not so smooth we get those who are not wanted in their country in our country. Taxes: Not popular idea. Mind you a lot of my friends on their own business and do not think like the typical worker bee. Yet they understand the need for taxes to help pay for services and some type of safety net for those who are not doing well. Ease taxes on the middle class and help businesses compete on the world market. Where do you get your news? Most said Fox News. Simply because cheerleading for the left has gotten so bad everywhere else. Fox is the only safe refuge for conservative thinking.

Do I agree with all that is said on Fox? Hardly. But I disagree with more that is said on other stations. Other stations proclaim to be some sort of saviour of news broadcasting. Like their doing me a favor because I’m a minority and they know what’s best for me. This has always been my problem with liberals. If minorities like myself would have taken a more conservative view of our lot. Our situation as second class citizens would not still be happening. It is because of this idea that government can save us that makes me sick. Instead, take the view that. You are going to give me what I want. The hard way or the easy way but I’m not sitting and waiting for a liberal to save me.