Top 5 Humane Mousetraps for Your Home

Some people find mice to be very disgusting creatures while others find them to be very adorable and only wish to use the best humane mousetraps available to get rid of them. If you hate the thought of killing mice and would prefer to utilize humane mousetraps as an alternative then you are going to see that you are not alone. Below are the top five humane mousetraps that you can purchase in certain stores and online at the mouse or do your own

The highly effective Humane Mouse Trap has a unique design that allows you to safely release the mouse back into the wild unharmed. These humane mousetraps will catch even the smartest of mice and is considered to be a wonderful alternative to poisons or glue cards. By spreading peanut butter on a cracker and placing it inside the trap you will set the stage for the mice to enter into the trap and once they do the spring door will snap shut.

Plastic Trap is a reusable trap that should be checked frequently to ensure that the mice are not suffering needlessly. This trap is also considered one of the best humane mousetraps because it will not flip over and hurt the mice as some windup mousetraps do.

The Victor Repeating Mouse Trap is considered one of the humane mousetraps because it does not flip the mice over into another compartment, hurting them in the process. It is important to check this trap frequently as well so that the mice will not suffocate. There is an option with this trap to use glue boards, however, this will then make this a non-humane trap.

Many people who have had to deal with mice really appreciate the Trapper 24/7 Non Wind Up Mouse Trap and consider it to be one of the best humane mousetraps available today. Having a sleek and modern style, this multiple catch mousetrap is ideal for capturing both mice and insects. It is made of impact resistant plastic enabling it to stand out among the rest.

Havahart mousetraps enable one to not only trap mice but also to trap chipmunks or shrews plus other rodents around the same size. It is designed with two spring-loaded doors with smooth internal edges protecting and preventing injuries to the mice. Havahart is one of the best humane mousetraps that comes fully assembled and ready to use with instructions and bating tips.