Why Sony Needs Playstation Home

After years of anticipation, Sony finally launched the Playstation Home in late 2008. The unique Playstation 3 service immediately received some huge backlash from fans and critics alike. Many went as far as to question why Sony even brother creating its virtual online world in the first place. Sony should still fully support the Playstation Home amidst all the criticism, however. Here are a few reasons why.

Sony wanted the Playstation 3 to be one powerful multipurpose video game system. Because of that, however, their video game system ended up without having a real identity. The Nintendo Wii has motion controls while the Xbox 360 has Xbox Live. The Playstation 3 has no real distinguishable gaming feature when compared to the competition.

This is why Playstation Home is so important to Sony since it is truly unique to the Playstation 3 and separates the system from the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. Dropping Playstation Home will then leave the Playstation 3 with nothing.

Not Yet Reach Its Full Potential 
However, Playstation Home isn’t quite connecting to the mainstream audience as much as the motion controls for the Nintendo Wii and Xbox Live on the Xbox 360 did.

The potential is there though since Sony is continually expanding Playstation Home. New spaces are constantly added to the service. Not to mention that Sony is also working hard at further improving the service by streamlining the user interface and adding new features. So while Paystation Home is not much now, it could evolve into something special if Sony continues to support their service in the near and far future.

Revenue Stream 
The Playstation 3 has been a huge gigantic financial sinkhole for Sony. It took billions of dollars for research and development. Not to mention Sony lost hundreds of dollars with every Playstation 3 unit sold. In fact, all the cash made during the Playstation and Playstation 2 era are now gone.

The Playstation Home itself was not a cheap project. The online service started life on the Playstation 2 and was continually delayed up until last year. Abandoning Playstation Home now would further put Sony is a hold.

Playstation Home is actually a pretty successful service for Sony so far in terms of revenue. In fact, it made more money in the first couple of days than the video service did for Sony in the first week. The Playstation Home provides the struggling Sony with another revenue stream. Therefore, Sony must fullly support their service for as long as possible.